Banana Bars

I’ve never in my life experienced so much schoolwork in one day. You don’t know hard work until you spend the entire day working on just one thing-namely my book report. I’m not one to procrastinate, but even though we’ve been given five days in school to work on it, I’ve just been telling myself that I work better at home. It turns out that I do- that way I can also whine and complain about how much my hands hurt from gluing and pasting. Why does everything have to be due on Monday?

On the brighter side, it’s 10:40, and I get to relax after a hard days work. All the stress, GONE. Thank goodness, I would sigh a thousand sighs a thousand times.

Every time I eat these banana bars, my mind just reverts to either carrot cake or honey bars. It must be the cream cheese frosting. I love the slight tang in the frosting that only cream cheese can give it! The bars are a little on the thin side, so it gives you way to eat two more :). They are from the Betty Crocker website.


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