Dora Cupcakes

As you can see, I decided to have a little fun with my kid brother.

And I’ll admit, this was a little creepy for my taste.

However, it was a fun, how shall I say, learning experience. It was the first time I worked with chocolate in this way! And really, I wasn’t even planning to bake anything. Mom just spontaneously asked me to bake these Dora cupcakes with Johann, which is rare because I usually jump at any chance to bake- so, there’s never any need to ask me.

Oh Dora, with those round chocolate eyes and that perfect stiff bob of brown hair. Lo siento, but I just don’t think that I did any justice for you here today (And that, my friends, was the extent of my Spanish). I’ll just assign this to my prototype heap of recipes, and try again next time. I’ll keep a mental note of trying to give her skin a little more of that exotic tan, and I definitley need to do something with those big eyes of hers (which are made out of chocolate chips). Well, at least the inside was what counted- the cupcakes tasted, well, like cupcakes! To tell you the truth, I’ve always been more of a cookie person.

Oh, I feel bad now. I’m hating on my Dora cupcakes too much. Well, it is a bit unsettling to eat something with a face on it, especially a face that you associate as an important part of your childhood…

And on that note, here’s the recipe :).



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