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Cake Balls (Including my attempt at peanut butter cake balls!)

I had never heard of  cake balls before. EVER. And if I had seen a picture of them (which I hadn’t), I would have probably thought something like, “How did they bake that in a perfectly spherical form?” when really it’s just regular baked cake squished and rolled into a ball.

After I read up on cake balls, I thoroughly believe that they are the most fun and customizable confections. There are probably thousands of combinations of cakes, bindings, and coating out there! Here is a very general guideline for making these delectable things

Customizable Cake Balls

  • a cooled, already made plain cake with no frosting, any kind
  • a binding (coffee creamer, frosting, pudding…)
  • a coating (melted white or milk chocolate, cocoa powder, powdered sugar)
  1. Put the cake in a bowl and squish it up into crumbs with your hands or a fork
  2. Add just enough of the binding so that the crumbs make almost a dough-like consistency, but not too mushy that it falls apart when you mold it. Combine.
  3. Roll the cake into balls by either using a dough scooper or your hands, and place them on a plate with wax paper. If using a powdered coating, roll them in the coating before freezing. Freeze for at least an hour, or until the balls become hard and easier to handle
  4. Meanwhile, before taking taking the frozen balls out, melt the chocolate in a double boiler, by placing a glass or metal bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and melting the finely chopped chocolate in it by mixing it. Add a little milk and/ or Crisco shortening to help it melt better and thin out. Your goal is to make the coating smooth and silky, for it to be easy to dip the balls into! (Skip this step if using the powdered coatings)
  5. Take the frozen balls and coat them in the melted chocolate with a spoon. Tip them back onto the wax paper. Work quickly before the cake balls start defrosting and falling apart! Once all the balls are coated, put them back into the freezer for two hours. If using powdered coating, all you need to do is roll them in the coating once again and serve. No need to freeze them for a second time.
  6. Take them out of the freezer before serving to make them soften a little and easy to bite, and serve

When I made these peanut butter cake balls, though delicious, it was a little messy. I melted the peanut butter in a double boiler, and froze the cake balls. The peanut butter didn’t freeze that well, for it never always melted a little when you held it. it might have needed more freezing time, but for now, just stick with chocolate! (Note, nutella DOES NOT melt well either)

Making cake balls is also a great idea for using leftover fully frosted cake! You wouldn’t need to add a binding anymore since it would already be frosted. All you would have to do is coat and freeze! And that’s what I did with this mocha cake, which I rolled in cocoa powder.


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