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Granville Public Market

(Dedicated to Tita Maribel!!!)

On our recent trip to Canada, we found this colorful, bright, and lively thing of a place nestled safely beneath the blanket of a bridge.

It’s a maze of eccentric shops hidden in buildings that give a feeling of being in a world within worlds. And outside, there are unique signs and trees bordering a body of water, where the stones on the ground and everything else always seems to be wet and vivid.

Welcome to the Granville Public market!

on our way there


I had such a blast here. I especially loved the food shops right next to the food market, because then you knew that all their food was made fresh. It was just a hallway lined with the tiny food places, and in the middle there were seats to sit around and talk and listen to the performers singing or playing their accordian. So many food samplings, too! There were things you could try like creamed honey and bratwurst, and pita breads and fruit.

So many things to look at!

Another favorite of mine was this eye glasses shop. I’m pretty sure that they made all their own frames, because you could see them working away on a raised platform, playing with screws and trinkets.

And how could I forget? We ate at this Chinese place, I think, the day before we went here. In Canada, we stayed near Vancouver, which is very well known for its Asian food. Asian food is delicious, but sometimes it can be a little on the oily side (And I should know, because this is especially true with Filipinos!). I enjoy what I’m eating for a time, and then I get some serious stomach troubles. But it is always worth it! Sort of.

The melt-in-your-mouth, fatty beef brisket

Lemon chicken is always a favorite

Finished off with some cleansing tea


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