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Paradise on 7,100 Islands.

As I sit here  in one of the suites of the magnifique Sofitel hotel, my adventure in the Philippines is neither just beginning or ending. I’m at the I-think-I’ll-just-stay-here-until-the-cows-come-home phase (which is very unfortunate because I don’t think we have that many black and white cows here) and I’m soaking everything in into my peeling tan skin. We’ve had our fair share of water and sun in the natural frontier, and have gone shopping into the lights of the city as our minds melted away into the bed each and every night. I’ve been living off of rice and carbs and restaurants, which is basically like heaven. I love all the food that is here! All down to the Jollibee and longaniza. Yum. It especially touches all the warm places in me when I see such a country bound together by the bountiful grand churches and shrines dedicated to various Saints. And my first true guilty pleasure? Puto Bumbong!!. And of course the friendly people-they’re all kind smiles and contagious humor.

But of course, living in America, I barely know how to speak tagalog, a common Filipino dialect. Which I find weird, because I can understand it perfectly well. And I am determined to learn the natural way-talking as much as I can in the language, and asking A LOT of questions (and I simultaneously sob and cringe as I type this, because it is easier said than done)I do this partly because that’s how people learn naturally, and partly because Mother won’t let me get Rosetta Stone. (it’s always Rosetta Stone…) But frankly, my brain no longer works like a baby’s anymore. I can’t learn as fast, so yes, it will be gruelling and frustrating to speak, but I look forward to a future when I can think and talk Filipino. They say that once you successfully learn to speak a language fluently, you start thinking in that language to. I expect that when I reach this level, I will feel extremely awesome and well-rounded in the world. I can finally be one of those people who people look at and say “She can speak two languages. *gasp*” (more or less).Yup. So that’s basically my all-American dream on a platter.

Right. So more about the vacation. Well, this morning we had the famous 39 foods buffet for breakfast at the Sofitel Hotel. The restaurant is called The Spiral. I find it very curious that only as I come to the Philippines that my appetite is diminishing, so I have been getting full quicker than ever before. I suspect the foreign fortified milk I’ve been drinking…BUT let’s not start pointing those pointers around. What I was saying, my mom started telling me to eat as much as I can at such an exceptional place, so that I won’t seem disrespectful by not eating much and acting as if I don’t want to be there. And my mom telling me to stuff myself silly doesn’t happen every day, so you can see the irony in this. My conscience was SUPER SMIRKING as she said this, and I was like, DIS IS DE BEST LECTURE EBER (in a Filipino accent, of course) My god, all that food! There were freaking cheeses, compotes, buns, soups, pastries, pitchi-pitchis (a rice cake dessert colorful thing rolled in coconut), pizza, meat, pancakes, sushi, cereals, jams, noodles, eggs, crepes, muffins, rice, rice, rice, stuffed buns, ube (purple yam) tarts, and more. (And I say freaking in a joyous way) I’m spazzing just thinking about it. And cocktail hour, so many fancy and sophisticated hors d’ oeuvres. My tongue has officially tasted the finer things in life. And you know, half the fun in vacation is what you eat, unless, of course, you have a bland, tasteless tongue. Then I just feel sorry for you.

Alright, food spasm over. Let’s talk about the room. And not just any room, it’s a full-out suite. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a suite! (Thanks, Grandma!) And is it sweet ( I couldn’t resist that one XD)

Later on we’re going to the Mall of Asia. I can’t wait!

And the moral of the story? It’s always healthy to brag once in a while.



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