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Gotta Love Christmas

Pigout: n. Slang

The act or an instance of voracious eating by a person or group. (answers.com)

The time once again has come and gone, yet the food is somehow, amazingly, still here. I swear to you, Filipino food is SINFUL . HARDCORE. FATTY. I am never short of gluttony. Ever. But I do feel a bit guilty!

Everyone goes through it this time of year. There is so much food, and you’re just like, “Aw c’mon, self. It’s a special occasion. You won’t eat like this everyday,” and the next thing you know, that special occasion is somehow drawn out through the whole week. It’s horrible. It’s a horrible, horrible world. And the worst part is, next week is New Year’s, and out comes more food. I can only have so much willpower…

And so I sit here now, in my workout clothes, trying to hold on to the last bit of willpower and and healthy ways that I have, desperately trying to put some distance between me and the evil Monkey Bread. I’m probably not making any sense now, or maybe I am. Whatever. But THIS girl needs to vent.

So who wants to know about my pigout??? Hopefully, by writing this, I will make someone, somewhere else in the world feel better about theirself. Maybe they’ll say, “Oh, and I thought I could eat,” or “At least this person ate more than I did.” Or maybe someone will just be glad that they are not the only one who completely loses it. I don’t know. But the most important thing to remember at the end of the day is to forgive yourself and exercise, ASAP.

Here I go. Well, Christmas morning, I had myself some Monkey Bread and pastry wrapped brie. Monkey bread is basically a pull apart cake, baked from biscuits smothered in brown sugar and butter. So that was basically already done for. Pastry wrapped brie is, well, just that. The cheese mets all over the place when you cut into it.

I skipped lunch. Just had more Monkey Bread.

For dinner, there was rich pot roast and pansit, which is Filipino noodles. More Monkey Bread for me. Yay…. And then some Mango Tart, Truffle Cheesecake, and a bite of some lemon ice cream cake.

The next day, since we had guests over, out came even MORE Monkey Bread. I swore to myself that I would be good the rest of the week until New Year’s, but I swear, that bread has got it’s own gravitational pull. This bread is all business, all the time. Ah, but now my mom also made Cassava Cake. It’s basically made from condensed milk, coconut, butter, and more condensed milk. All the things that should not even be in the same sentence.

So there you have it, folks. Basically all I ate was sugar, fat, cream, carbs, sugar, and more fat. Merry Christmas, guys.



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