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Raw Blondies


As you may know, during Lent, you have to give up something you particularly enjoy doing (or eating). And lucky for me, my friend came up with the most ingenious plan concerning me and the next 40 days: Giving up sweets.

And as I stare at that phrase, I am feeling an intense hatred and gratefulness for that friend right now ;).

I will say the truth- though I may have denied it back then, now that I look back on how I ate a week ago, it was bad. It got to the point where I was baking something nearly every night. I truly enjoy the process of baking, but on the other hand, I just as much love the raw cookie dough that comes with it. Every time my friends would come over, it meant baking time! I would always use them as an excuse to eat as much sweets as I wanted. The basic healthy eating rule of treating myself every once in a while had been thrown out the window.

That is, until my friend, Kaylynn, called me out on my insanity.

(Looking through all the new baking books I got from the library). “Oh, this looks so good! I have all the ingredients, I can make everything from this book, we can make this today, and-”

“Isabel,” Kaylynn says.


You should definitely give up baking sweets for Lent.”

And at that moment, I knew that it was the perfect thing to give up. I was practically addicted to baking unhealthy treats, and to top it all off, I did it everyday. Giving up something like this would be the ultimate challenge. It was practically a game-changer in my mind. The only problem was, was that I would have nothing to eat anymore. Just kidding..but it’s what I felt.

“And just what are you giving up?” I said.

“Rice, saying stupid words, you know. We are already three days into Lent, and you still haven’t actually given anything up- you screamed at your brother, like,five minutes ago.”

To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really planned on giving anything up,” was what I wanted to say. But then she said:

“I just wanna see if you’ll actually be able to do it.”

She scoffed.

And that was it. She just flipped on my competitive switch on like there was no tomorrow, and I was determined to see her through that proposition. So as usual, I jumped in head first.

I decided to get rid of baking unhealthy sweets, and I also decided to give up anything with added sugars. I haven’t eaten any of the Biscoff or Nutella spread in the cupboard, and I turned down several unexpected treats during school. I am on this challenge! Oh, and I also decided, what the hell, I might as well give up my favorite peanut butter too. This craziness is going to be fun.

Giving up sweets for Lent wasn’t only for my religion, it also served as a way to get healthier. Of course, I won’t give up sweets for the rest of my life, but this will hopefully serve as an intervention of sorts, and teach me how life is like without all the extra junk.

This recipe has definitely helped me calm my cravings, and has also taught me to love the natural sweetness and flavors of unprocessed foods. I love how raw desserts creatively combine fruits and nuts to make new and healthier creations of comfort foods! This raw blondie was quick and easy to make, and has a chewy texture and a nutty, caramel taste. Don’t leave out this vanilla extract; it makes a world of difference!

Made out of a few main ingredients, including walnuts, dates, and cashews!

You can get the recipe here at Vegan Piggy.



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